knick knack patty wack.

knick knack patty wack.
soooo let me let you in on whats going on in my life.
the coach here at BYU did not even let me try out for the track team. it was hard to handle but i'm doing okay. it think. i was mostly upset because i wasn't even allowed to try! but if i decided pole vault is that important to me, i'll probably move to Oregon for a few months this summer and vault with Rick Baggett who is a really good, like world class, coach down there. it's right by where i was originally planning on going to school. But the Lord made it VERY clear that i needed to be at BYU so i'll have to figure out what my purpose here is pretty soon.

So i'm trying to dive into school and it's difficult cause i realized i am a facebook addict. yup. it's true.
so today i decided to go without it. thats right,
and will not until tomorrow! i've been so productive today! i got up, slept in. got cute! (for once) and then went grocery shopping, did my laundry and did homework! it's working so well that next week i think we're going to go a whole week without facebook! it's mostly to see how much i'll get done in that week. cause somedays i'll spend like 4 hours on facebook. that is simply unhealthy.

also, i've kinda realized that myself (and a lot of other people i've observed) operate in cycles. for example, i go through cycles of when i like boys a lot and when i'm wanting to just go meet a lot to where i'm just content with my independence. and most of that is emotional independence, because i start to remember how much it sucks to be emotionally attached and then let down. So now i'm just thankful for myself and am going to work on bettering myself so i can grow closer to the Lord. this has been great, cause i've started to read my scriptures more and really make my prayers sincere.

If you haven't already noticed, i've discovered a small passion for poetry and every once in a while when i get really fed up with something or just some thought eats at me i will write  poem about it. so you might see a few of those.