with God nothing is impossible.

with God nothing is impossible.
wow. words cannot describe how i feel right now. in the last 15 minutes, my life has totally gone from content, to ecstatic. wow. i literally cried with happiness. i never do that. Coach Shane called me and told me a wrote a compelling letter (basically i poured my heart out very professionally and sent it to him) he told me he felt i deserved a chance.
i get a chance! i get a chance! I GET A CHANCE!
i cannot even stop smiling. i literally can not. wow. I just began reading my scriputes again and working on the person i am without  pole vault and i feel like this is God's way of telling me to keep it up. I am so happy! oh wow. okay, i have class  now and despite the fact it's 2.5 hours i'm going to pay attention.

oh btw, this is the letter i sent to the coach

Coach shane, 
I realize that you are a busy man, but you'll find I am very persistent when it comes to my dreams. I realize that both you and the pole vault coach do not find 11'1" an impressive height at all and I expected such. I did however also expect to get a try out. I was found disappointed in this aspect and I would like to explain why if you will just give me a moment.  
I started track as a sophomore in high school and my first year showed promise as I vaulted 10 feet. my junior year i only improved and that is when i reached my height of 11'1". you see, i have so much potential to go higher and numerous coaches that i've worked with have worked with have told me i'd reach 12 or 13 feet by my senior year. i know without a doubt that i can vault over 13 feet if just given adequate training and coaching. I tore my ACL in cross training my senior year around november while doing gymnastics. Because of this injury i was not able to compete my senior year in track. I got surgery on it in February and am finally cleared to participate in track again. Most athletes would just accept this and move on to the college life without thinking of continuing in intercollegiate athletics. I hope you understand why i am unable to let this go, i know i am a talented vaulter. I got over 11 feet in just two seasons and many high school athletes don't achieve that in four years. I am hoping that perhaps this background may encourage you and the pole vault coach to reconsider and allow me to try out. If not, you will see me next year with a qualifying height.
Thank you for your time,
Emma Vidmar