my new boyfriend: Harold...

my new boyfriend: Harold...
i think i have spent more time with my new boyfriend the Harold B Lee Library than with any actual human contact this week. I am on a roll! this week has been so productive and most if it is to the benefit of my new boyfriend harold. He's so smart, but he's not overbearing. He makes you come to him, which adds to his charm, i mean you gotta dig deep if you want to know all the wonderful parts of him. I really just love him. He is so helpful to my ADD. i mean when i'm with him, i focus. like a cyber focus. ohhh he's just so great!

This week i developed a new strategy for getting things done, it's plain and simple.... just don't come home! i have stayed on campus all day for the past three days until i was done with all the homework i had with me and then i ventured home. The best part is that i can not feel guilty about relaxing after being on campus for 7 hours than when i do when i come home after just one class.

A word to the wise, if you want to get straight A's in college, get a roommate you don't like. because it's so hard to study when you love your roommates as much as i do. we decided that we didn't want to have a sterotypical quote wall like every other girls dorm, so naturally we settled on a quote ball. some of the quotes are just outright hilarious, some of them are unintentially dirty. and some are well... not so unintentially dirty... okay well thats all i have to say about that...

what else has happened this week?
well lets see?
Monday-after i got cut, my friend lane took me to red mango which is DELICIOUS and i actually found some raspberries that were actually ripe! so of course i put them on my froyo and added some strawberries and coconut ha. Lane makes fun of me cause apparently i'm a messy eater but i SWEAR it was just the was barely on the yogurt to begin with, i mean it was simply begging me to knock it on the table! Well after we finished Lane was like "uhmmm i'm actually still really hungry" and of course i was totally ready to eat my feelings so we decided to go get a burger at Fudruckers. (i had never been, apparently it's more of a local thing). We also decided that we really liked that we had had dessert first :) anyway it rained really hard and his windshield wipers on his truck were definitely not up to par with the ones on my truck (tucker) back home. so it was certainly an adventure

Tues-crap... i honestly can't remember what i did on tuesday..... this is pathetic...

Wednesday-Mommy came to provo! she took me grocery shopping with was desperately needed and now my cupboards are full! i just hope they last me til thanksgiving... which they wont. of course. and so i will soon return to the life of a literally starving college student. She took us out to Brick Oven Pizza and they ended up giving us two free pizza's cause they kept messing up. twas fantastic. Then we went to my brothers soccer game, they won... of course...i mean we're vidmars... we always win. (i just realized how cocky my brothers have made me, they always say stuff like that to me. things like "Emma, of course they let you try out, you're a Vidmar!")

Thursday- True Blue Football! oh my gosh this was SO much fun! basically they shoot foam (the foamiest foam you can imagine)  all over and you get drenched in it. Then you play football, volleyball, or best of all SLIP-N-SLIDE. oh my heck it was gloooooooorrrioooouusssss. I skipped class to go because it's a tradition... and the class was 2.5 hours long....OH i forgot to mention the foam is BLUE! ahhh yeeaahh it was so great.

Friday-TODAY! i don't know what the night will entail and i doubt it will be of great importance but i had a fantastic day :) i wore my new outfit my mom had got me in salt lake last week at urban outfitters (which is my favorite store, along with papayas). And the cute boy in one of my class talked to me again, this time i actually found out his name...which shall remain confidential haha oh but i ended up watching a movie for American Heritage at the library and the chairs were really comfortable at first but after a while, my butt hurt SO bad. but then i met up with Holly and did some catching up and had some delicious food on the way home.

WELL okay, looks like i should find something to do :) have a great night bloggers!