...your eyes must do some raining

...your eyes must do some raining
The past few days have indeed been a growing experience for me. I have been been shaken, broken, temporarily fixed, broken, and then finally repaired. Most of all it comes down to realizing that i need to learn to make my heart and my mind work together. For so long they have been doing just find and it turns out my heart is pretty strong because that trixy guy just seems to win out every time. The truth is, it's OKAY to get your heart broken. sometimes crying can be therapeutic. crying doesn't make you emotionally unstable, it makes you human.

This has been my anthem of the week
"you're eyes must doing raining if your ever going to grow. and when crying don't help you can't compose yourself, it's best to compose a poem. An honest verse of longing or a simple song of hope"
-Bright eyes.

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