i miss.

i miss.
i've had many nostalgic moments this week, so instead of posting about my recent trip (which i hope to do soon) i'm going to just post a old poem of mine that you might recognize form a previous post.

Nostalgia has a habit
Of creeping into my mind,
With you in tow.
You cannot stay in the past,
Though I’ve tried to camouflage you,
I’ve tried to hide you,
I’ve tried to avoid you.
My efforts were wasted.
For nostalgia has found 
you and carried you
Into my thoughts. On the way
Nostalgia dropped 
The heavy parts of you
The parts most likely to bring my heart down.

When you’re back in my mind,
I don’t want to know the reality
Of who you really are
Because I want nostalgia to lie to me.
I miss so much of what used to be you.
Though it is not the same.
Knowing that this person Nostalgia brought,
This fictitious version of you, isn't
Real-- helps me stay in reality.
And I remember why you're

I remember why I wanted you stranded far behind me.
And that helps me to progress
I still miss your Idiosyncrasies, but my aim is improving.
And now I must ask nostalgia
to take all your parts back
to those forgotten streets
in my past
and hope that you will stay 
there for much longer.

though i've been sad and happy nostalgic, i still miss a lot of people, more than the pictures. sadly alot of these people will be in south america and other parts of the world for a very long time. anyways, i do miss all of these people, and wish that for a few of them, things could be the same again.

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