i'm not dead yet.

i'm not dead yet.
Hey there all you people! So I almost decided to start from scratch and create a whole new blog, but I decided to stick with what I had and just change the title. So this is a new post! Oh I bet you’re so excited, you have nothing else to do but read about Emma Vidmars life? k cool, I was hoping you’d say that. Come on in, let me tell you what’s up.
First things first, I'm still alive and creepin, no worries there.
Lets cover all the basics. Boys, Work, Church, Friends, and Future. Sounds like a good idea? I knew you’d agree. So here we go!


Oh boy…the boy situation. Bet you would be surprised if I said it was non-existent? K good. Same old story. Always in the friend zone. The past few months have been pretty fun, I’ve had a few little fetus crushes here and there, but nothing serious. Since school got out I’ve kinda done a little thinking about this subject. I’ve come to the conclusion that the reason my dating life isn’t super exciting is because I’m quite picky. You know what? I don’t plan on changing that, It’s been three years since I’ve had a “ real boyfriend”, and since then I’ve been pretty selective with who I trust/decide to date. I know what I’m looking for and I’m okay with waiting until that comes along for me. Sure, sometimes I get impatient, but hey I’m a girl. Cut me some slack.


Oh work. How many of you can say you love your job? Well I can. I get paid to play! Oh and teach gymnastics. Two of my favorite things! Summer session is starting this week and though I’m a little bit nervous about teaching a 2/3 class, I’m mostly excited to be teaching upper level. That’s where most of my experience is. In High school, after I tore my ACL I helped coach a lot of the other girls on my team, who were definitely more advanced than the kids in the classes I taught during Spring session. Anywho, basically I am STOKED. Looks like I’ll be working a lot this summer. Call me supercoach! I love it. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I am doing camps, Wednesday mornings I’m teaching a class, and Thursday nights I teach two classes. (Tuesdays I’m doing something else really cool.. I’ll tell you about that later :) )


I’ve been going to the singles ward for the Young single adults in Spokane Valley, and I gotta say, I love it. Granted it’s no BYU singles ward, but it beats going to home ward. I find myself looking forward to Sundays each week, for the many reasons, but above all it’s to take the sacrament and just feast on the blessings of the spirit. Until I started going to the singles ward, I wasn’t really all that happy to be coming home…I didn’t feel like I had a lot of friends still left in Spokane. But now I have a social life. And a great ward. Life is good.


Friends, ohhh friends. Guess what? I’ve got some! Yeah we’ve been having a blast here in spokandyland. It kinda sucks having to drive 20 minutes to see any of them, but it’s worth it. They’re pretty great. Granted, they are all boys...plus maybe 4ish girls... bahah. Sometimes (all the time) I miss my BYU friends. There is just something about living with friends and being a two second walk from them that just makes friendships a little bit stronger. However, I seem to attract artsy friends, cause most of my friends here I Spokane are interested in photography and other various artistic things. I love it.


MY FUTURE IS SO EXCITING. Okay so if you know me, then you might know I’ve changed my major many times… This pretty much how my thought process has gone:

“I want to be able to understand why people do the things they do, so I think I’ll study Psychology! Whats that? There’s a bunch of science involved? Peace out Psych…”

“Okay I love designing things, and I’ve watch friends do graphic design, that seems fun! I’m an artsy person…YEAH! Hey there graphic design, Wanna be my major? What’s that? You only let 12 people in your program a semester? Excuse me while I pee my pants and run swiftly to an advisement center to switch majors…”

“Hey, I love my job. I love kids, so I must go into a career with them! Oh I can just see my cutesy little classroom and all those children….oh crap….children….all day….for 40 years…ohhhkay maybe not, I should get some patience first…”

“American Heritage was fun! Why does everyone think I’m a freak cuz of that? Well let’s see, I like to teach…I liked American heritage/all history…well then…I better TEACH HISTORY! What’s that Dad? Get a law degree too? Yeah I could do that too…meehhh…noooo”

“Okay lets get real emma. You still want to do graphic design huh? You’re just a little pansy who is scared of something hard. GROW A PAIR. Okay let’s give it a real shot, ready set go!”

Okay so the last one was actually a little more complicated. Coming to this decision happened over the course of many prayerful months. Basically it started when I overheard a family friend of ours back in April talking about how what you need to be passionate about the career path you take. He described that passion as what you think about when you don’t have to be thinking about anything. That hit home. Hard. This whole year, in the back of my mind I still wanted to do graphic design but I kept suppressing it and telling myself I didn’t have enough experience to try. I knew a couple girls who got in, and when they told me I was SO jealous. One of them even kinda looked at me funny as if to say “you realize in college you get to choose your major right?”. Well after talking to that family friend, I realized that when my mind is wandering, I’m thinking about art. ALL things art. But mostly visual arts. My brain just works like that. I’ve always been fascinated by beautiful things and had an eye for really appreciating it. Anyway it came down to this: when I have to be studying something academic, I prefer History. When I don’t have to be studying anything, I prefer Art. I began to ask myself, why the heck aren’t you doing something about it? So I prayed, I fasted, and I prayed a lot more. And I began to seek the advice and counsel of family and close family friends. The more I talked about my desire to go into graphic design, the more I felt confident to pursue it. It wasn’t until I read my patriarchal blessing that I knew I was on the right path. It mentions choosing what to study in college, and ultimately it confirmed that I needed to choose to the area of study that will bring me the most joy. I’m confident I have found it. As I mentioned previously my Spokane friends are pretty artistic as well. In fact one of them is in advertising and way tight with a really good graphic designer that works in Coeur d’Alene (about 20 minutes from my house), and guess who he got a internship for? ME! I’ll fill you in on how it goes when I go down there on Tuesday. I’m SO excited. Life is working out. I’m excitied about this career. So here it is, plain and simple:

graphic design, final answer

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