-General Conference! so amazing to be in the same room as the prophet of God!
-The Utah State Capitol Building. Seriously felt like i was in a fairy tale, i'll post some pictures at the bottom of this post. wow.
-shopping at Urban Outfitters.
-being a Gapaholic
-The shins. Today i decided to listen to the mood of music that i WANTED to be in. rather than the mood that i was in, which was totally a Civil Wars mood.
-the amount of frozen yogurt joints in provo
-my roommates making me cookies cause they had a feeling this weekend was hard for me.

not so delicious:
-farting audible in the hallway waiting for class to start and looking around and realizing i have no one to blame it on...
-having realizations about my heart i never knew existed
-shading. i'm apparently really awful at this. hopefully it's not my downfall in my drawing class....
-getting graphite on your face and not realizing it til the whole world has also noticed it.

 (^thats aaron, once upon a last month of summer, we dated.)

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