Heyo! today is wednesday, that means tomorrow is basically my friday cause it's my last day of classes.  YAY! I finally made a to do list yesterday and dedicated myself to finishing it. Usually that is not a huge feat for me, but it's been kinda hard to be motivated lately. 
[however, can i just remind us all how good it feels to check something off a to do list?!?!?!]
 Monday Melissa and I had to give the Lesson for FHE 
(for those who don't know what that is, it stands for Family Home Evening, and since at college our families are gone, we are divided into "families" amoung the other singles in our congregation and every week we have an activity and/or a lesson, it's kinda awesome actually).  
We based our less on Ian S. Ardern's talk called A Time to Prepare. Basically it helped me realize that i waste a lot of my time facebook creepin... and i mean A LOT. It's weird, once i get on, it's like a vortex. 

la de dahh lets see what my friends are up to...oh that looks like a lot of fun!....oh i didn't know they knew her, lets stalk her, holy crap when did she get married?? whoa does she have 3 kids already?....people you may know:Elementary School crush, Whoa! i forgot he existed... stalk stalk stalk... now let me just check on those people a regularly stalk...  

and then before you know it, you emerge from the facebook black hole 5 hours later feeling like a silent creep. 

So you may have the same problem as me. Well let me tell you how i fixed it. I had my roommate change my password (more accurately i yelled "Allie take this away from me PLEASE" into the other room). She only lets me on once a day, just to post my picture of the day. WOW. just wow. it has made all the difference. Last night i was only going to give myself a half hour, and i was bored after ten minutes. Go me. Go quitting facebook addiction cold turkey.

In other news, to go along with this midly pointless post, my late night roommate pillow talk, though mushy, had some funny things about it the other night.
 I was telling Allie basically about how hard i'm trying to be okay and she was like 
"jeez you are like a ball of conflicted emotion!"

which then turned into her explaining how when she pictures whats going on in my head, she pictures Harry Potter and Voldemort when they duel and their wands meet and just kind have this little magical tug a war....inside of me.

needless to say, her metaphors cheered me up.

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