"Life is a series of images. 
They pass us like towns on the highway. 
But sometimes a moment stuns us as it happens
and we know this instant is more than a fleeting image. 
We know that this moment, 
every part of it,
will  live on forever" 
- Lucas Scott from One Tree Hill

here's the deal. I love this quote. when we get nostalgic, 
these moments seem to present themselves at your front door. 
 Whether they're unwelcome visitors or not, they are on our porch
and we usually let them in for tea, or to slam the door in their face.
Nostalgia can be cruel when you think of one of those eternal moments
and realize that the pieces that created that moment have fallen to dust. 

I felt like my summer was a series of these moments. 
seriously though.  every single bit of it. 
I remember telling Aaron something along the lines of
"I just don't get why everything is SO good in my life. 
God is really putting everything into place for me and i can't get enough of it."
Well so long sweet summer. 
I was humbled, summer was gone and fewer of those moments were created. 
you know what? 
that doesn't make me any less grateful for the eternal moments that i was graced with this summer.
here's a poem a wrote about this summer, 
[it was actually recently published in my buddy's local poetry zine]
Kiss my ears
With the words you speak.

Hold my heart
With a warm embrace.

Intoxicate my thoughts 
With sweetened tales of tomorrow

Fill my lungs 
By laughing out love

Whisper sweet salutations
Onto my summer skin.

Place a smile in my eyes 
With dreamlike days.

Explore my thoughts
In gazes of silence

Anchor hope
In the harbors of my soul.

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