hello monday, welcome.

hello monday, welcome.
happy monday!
don't laugh, cause mondays can actually be happy. 
i swear. 
okay a couple things, 
(1) how are all y'all?!
(2) was the cuffed jeans/socks/sperries combo too much?
(3)i cannot begin to express my excitement/nervousment that my porfolio is due in two days. this has been my top priority this semester (yes, even over boys, social life, and sometimes food) and it's finally time to see how i've done! i'll be posting what i decided to put in on thursday, i sorta think its bad luck for me to show all y'all before i submit it. hehe

i have some other funny quotes from this week (and the majority of them are from allie, i'm around her kinda a lot...). beware they might not be all appropriate...
"sure, whatever drops your bucket"

"lately--like the past 19 years-- i've had trouble getting jokes

"maybe thats why my back hurts, cause my sexture is posty

allie: she has a really....sweet...voice
Me; singing voice or talking voice?
Allie: ....talking voice.

 do we look like a lesbian couple right now? you look all cute and i'm in sweats.

me: I don't know how you got mom to marry you.
dad: it's because i'm the best damn salesman around

how far are you in the Book of Mormon? and by that i mean Harry Potter

me: do you want chicken breasts? breasts? breasts?
allie: do you want yours chopped off?
*side note: allie absolutely hates the word breasts, she says chicken boob instead.