kess kess

kess kess
okay so a couple weeks ago, a little incident happened where a person got a kiss they most certainly didn't deserve. unfortunately my impulsive nature to give people the benefit of the doubt made me put my stupid girl hat on for a night. 

anyhow luckily i can laugh at myself and situations pretty quickly, and i often do. this was definitely one of those situations.

got it, lesson learned. boys are dumb. moving on.

Because art classes are often 3-4 hours long, it's inevitable that the whole ordeal was discussed and laughed at with my friend Autumn, who later stuck a WHOLE BAG of Hershey kisses in my backback with this note.

isn't she basically the cutest thing ever? okay good i thought so too.

have i been overeating with chocolate? yes. 

do i love every minute of it? 
you bet your bottom dollar!