we'll give you a complex, and we'll give it a name

we'll give you a complex, and we'll give it a name
This semester is starting to wind down and that means there are only 13 days until i turn in my portfolio for the graphic design program. I am pretty stressed about getting it perfect but i feel like i'm on the right track towards getting in (knock on wood. QUICK! ....seriously though knock on it). As the time fast approaches i am every grateful for the contacts i have to help guide me and the people that have played a part in my pursuing my dream (yes i know it's sounds cliche, just work with me here.)

so until November 30th, i will be a awkward, artsy, antsy mess. 

-new and very stylish backpack
-painting with coffee, and not minding if i spill on the floor because it makes the room smell oh so delicious
-parents coming in town tomorrow!
-arrested development. i've started from the beginning and am currently in season two. One great thing bout being an art student is that i can afford to watch movies AND do my homework simultaneously. solid.
-installation making on saturday!
-savoring things. I read an article that talked about how happier people are ones who get enjoyment out of the little things, those who savor things and moments better are happier. cheers to savoring!
-toking fonetickally. 
-whipping out projects in one night. awww yeeaaahhh

not so delicious
-blind dates. the most recent one ended up with my date semi-ditching me and me having to dance with a creepy fat mexican guy who was missing a tooth. that's a story for the children...
-BYU dating in general.
-Target being all out of black leggings, leaving me with one pair to last the winter. ...not okay with me.

andrew bird makes me happy.

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