the end of 365.

the end of 365.
[Warning: this is a long post.]
This year, on facebook i did a 365 project.
i started it on a whim, and am proud to say that i stuck through it the entire year.
my favorite thing about it was developing as an artist, and as a photographer. 
(though most of these are not great pictures, just great memories)
in the beginning, i had like 3 or 4 photobooth pictures per week.
i like to think i'm no longer a fauxtographer
and i thank my 365 project for helping me out with that.

so to end this project, reflect on the past year, and enter a new one...
i give you:

Lantz and I drove down with some girls in our ward to our good friend Ryan's farewell. it was well worth the trip, Ryan is one of my favorite people and i was so excited to hang out with him one more time before he really left. The best part of that trip was rocking out to some Brand New as loud as we all could sing after escaping the cold of utah for some desert heat


This was our "besties-with-breasies-without-testies" sleepover in my freshman dorm. It was also the day i became friends with my current roommates. they're hiding in the back of the picture. we call this out franniversary

i was looking forward to this ALL YEAR. and it was just as much fun as i thought it would be. it was also the day i finally sorta caught the eye of a boy i liked. so that always makes a girl feel good eh?
The aftermath of this weekend made it simultaneously the best and worst weekend of the year. Hanging out my best buddies in kaysville was SO fun. one of those memories i want to hold on to forever. unfortunately when i got home i had to live in the library for the last two weeks of the semester because i wasn't really super welcome at my apartment. it's okay though, cause that weekend was spectacular

My brother Andy came home from his mission. we were all super excited, my three brothers all served 2 year missions for our church and they all overlapped. so this was the first time in 5 years that we'd be all together
This was probably one of the prettiest and most precious memories of this year. This is where Joseph Smith had His first vision. i got to visit it on a spring day in april which is around the time it happened over 200 years ago.
Paul got married to Katherine, pretty much awesome. I love hanging out with those two. my brother Paul and his wife is just so perfect for him, finding each other is nothing short of a miracle. i think i'll keep them.

my roommates came and visited Spokane! we had so many fun adventures, and i was so sad when they left. but we took lots of pictures and even made a little video
I saw the Civil Wars in concert for free by a stroke of luck and smooth talking. I fell in love. Their chemistry on stage is mesmorizing. Go watch every song they have on youtube. RIGHT NOW. or after your done reading this post...

my first date with Aaron. Kassie and Mike doubled with us. the actual Ball didn't happen but we had so much fun dancing around downtown in our fancy clothes and getting free cookies!
i got an internship with Tran Creative, which solidified my resolve to pursue Graphic Design as a career
I had just gotten my DSLR camera and was dying to do a photo shoot in a wheat field. So i brought some friends, had the girls dress in white sundresses and the boys in classy suits. absolutely magical day.
So i dated this boy over the summer and he was great. and my last friday in provo he took me on a perfect date.  it was in the middle of the Finch Arbiritum which is basically rolling hills of green grass and beautiful trees. after dinner he played me a song on his guitar (cliche...yes i know) and we stargazed. pretty solid date.
We went to meet up with Ande and get Froyo and there was some police car show out front. (okay so maybe i mostly just love this picture)


went to general conference, saw the prophet, bought my favorite oxfords, explored the capital
photosafari to downtown salt lake and then tothe salt flats. perfect day in every sense of the word
I savor the times i get to spend with my family. We were all together again for dinner and it was brilliant, especially cause Andy brought his girlfriend, who fits in splendidly. (we're missing two of our ranks cause they arrived after the light at gone and so had the kodak moment)
I submitted my portfolio. i was so nervous, but i felt like i prepared enough to be confident.
This is the day that i found out that I GOT INTO THE PROGRAM
I loved coming home to visit. Nothing compares to seeing your hometown buddies. This was the day i got back, and we went straight to a birthday party. Luckily, in addition to the fun, running into certain people gave me some welcome closure. and i couldn't be happier.

bring in on 2012