things that make me smile pretty:

things that make me smile pretty:
-the perfect photos that jill thomas takes. i could stalk her blog for fact many times i have
-tomato basil soup i had after the temple today
-paintings/art to inspire me on pinterest
-clothes fresh out the laundry/the smell of laundry
-red lipstick
-a hopeful future
-warm blankets
-provo library, which was formally a womens college. i think if i ever need to do some real studying (as opposed to art projects which kinda explode on ya...) i'm gonna go there instead of the HBLL
-harry potter--i read listened to the first four books during art projects this week.
-arrested development. after harry's scar hurting got a little old, i went back and finished arrested development. love that show.
-my roommates, i couldn't ask for a better living arrangement. these girls are simply the best.