to 'arry!

to 'arry!
with the amount of Harry Potter i've listened to this break,
i felt it only appropriate to rock the Gryffindor colors today.

cardi/pants:f21, shirt: thrifted via kassie, boots:roxy via Macy's

i love the detail on the shirt it's a cool starry-ish thing.
yeah, even i can't take myself seriously. meeeeh oh well.

Things that make me smile pretty
1. my mom coming to sleep in the basement with me "because who knows when i'll get another chance"
2.the smell of laundry
3. shopping alone (i tend to be less impulsive..weird)
4. the fact that in a few short days i'll be in provo and i can work on this little art project that has been monopolizing my thoughts for ages now...
5.driving! gaaahhh i can't wait to get a car down at school, i forget how much more freedom i have at home to hang out with people because of modern transportation!
6. my new lens
7.the sounds of wind outside
8. [warning: this might technically make me a treehugger]-unique tree shapes. they catch me in awe everytime.
9. Yak burgers, i had some whilst thrifting with Tonya
10. stay at home days resulting in stay at home daze

P.S. for those of you who are blogger savy and looking for 
a guest poster, feel free to contact me, i'd love to get more 
involved in this blog world!