gingerbread houses

gingerbread houses
Today i had a wonderful date with topher, 
(who dressed very christmassy today) 
we made gingerbread houses with these darlings!
pretty much the best gingerbread house i've ever made. Did you know if you melt sugar it's practically gorilla glue for gingerbread houses! absolutely perfect.

memories  from the past week? 
k great, here goes.

mel trying to use her chopsticks upsidedown.

"down mom, dog......errrrm faggot"
-allie's flustered talk

Studying, then MIKA comes on. and all i can do is daaaaance

"you either did your misisonary discussions or you didn't, there isn't any middle ground. It's like being pregnant, you either or you aren't. there's not kinda pregnant"
-Brother Bott

Ty: I hate Texas
Sarah: Allie's from Texas
Ty: Sheeeeee's........ the closest thing to an exception

"Russians are the Texans of Europe"

"Sir marching and tit arms"
"No come hinder"
"Hey I really like it"
-My sleep talking as recored by Allie