edits that annoy me

edits that annoy me
hey there friends and followers. 
so i do a lot of stalking. 
via facebook, and blogger, and once upon a time, myspace.
i've seen my fair share of pictures.
i'd like to share with y'all something that always gets me.

bad editing.

yes, i'm aware that we all make mistakes, 
and i'll be the first to admit that i've done a few of these back in my dark ages.

lets start with this picture of my handsome brother andy:
now this is a pretty decent picture, the editing is very light. so we'll just use it for the rest of my examples.

lets get started shall we?

weird filters.
seriously? so the one on the right is called "Captain Protein" , i think it should be renamed "Captain Jaundice"

Unnatural edits
i hardly even know what to say about these. 
For the one on the left i used a filter called reslendent. i wasn't sure what that word meant, so i looked it up...


Attractive and impressive through being richly colorful or sumptuous.

shining - bright - brilliant - refulgent - luminous

well, attractive? i don't give it that. he looks like he's made of lava.

secondly, what occasion would the neon edit be necessary? he looks like an old man with all those eye wrinkles so defined.

Picnik Problems
 These two are probably the ones i've seen the most.
we'll start with the left side. oversaturation is a problem. saturating your colors will not make you a better photographer. and it will most likely make your subject look like an ompa loopa. i'm not talking like Snooki oompa lompa where she's still a relatively human color. they will look orange. don't do this to your photos. i beg of you.
the right side is one that peeves me a little bit too. i've done three things here that just make me want to punch babies a soft pillow. the vignette is just shy of ridiculous. i hate when people make a vignette that makes it look like you're looking through a hole at your subject. 
then we've got the focal black and white effect which keeps the color of one thing, or one color, and turns the rest of the image black and white.. This is unnatural, and perhaps it's a personal issue but i have yet to see it work 
(yes i've done that before and i'm not proud of it)
and finally, the awkwardly spaced, awkwardly placed, cheesy caption. your font matters. where you place it matters. don't forget about that.

 Last Laugh
these ones are minor problems.
the poster effect is cool when yo do it right. but usually it's not done right. just because you ran it through a poster effect, you are not andy warhol. lets just remember that okay?
and the right image is just an example of  too much Gaussian blur combined with oversaturation.
this is another problem that people who use picnik often run into. 
it looks weird. i'm just going to leave it at that..

sorry for the overal negative tone of this particular post.
but it's something i wanted to share, in hopes that we can make this 
cyber world, a more beautiful place