excuse me while i happy dance.

excuse me while i happy dance.
cardi/necklace:f21, dress: Gap, belt:TJMaxx, tights: Free People, boots:Charlotte Russe,

so i tried sock burn curls this morning, and it mostly worked, i touched up a few places, but nonetheless i was pleasantly surprised.
 here's the best picture allie got of my hair,
you can kinda tell, but i really liked them because 
it was gentle on my hair and the curls are kinda laid back

 i got all fancied up for tights tuesday
(thanks kassie)

and then my day turned...
cause i finally, finally, FINALLY, got my letter from craig. 

it was a good one too, like 5 pages. 
what. a. guy.
guess what he told me to do?
write more poetry.
he's a smart one.

anyways, i must go write a paper
(ever since i stopped taking so many real classes and 
started taking more art classes, writing essays has become increasingly more difficult.)

so i leave you with a quote i enjoy:

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make today a good one my loverlies