feeling a bit more dapper.

feeling a bit more dapper.
Cardi/shirt:Gap, Infiniti Scarf: Loft, Pants: Target, Boots: Charlotte Rouse

I tried this way of wearing boots with pants, my roommate melissa taught me!

So I'm back to Provo.
i was so excited for the semester to start, 
then i couldn't get a bunch of classes i wanted.
yesterday was hell.
then i found an alternative...
it's called, "take said classes in Europe next summer."
thats right, imagine taking typography AND illustration
in London.
getting to visit museums on the reg.
you know, just chillin in the Lourve..
talking bout all things art and design.
i applied for a study abroad this week.
that makes me happy.
ugh i just love art too much.

other things that make me smile pretty:
reading forgotten letters
writing letters to missionaries
running in 60 degree weather. hello is this provo?
thursday night sushi with the guys
talking to kyle on the phone. i've been friends with him since 8th grade. i love him. 
cafe rio

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