oh yummy, it's friday.

oh yummy, it's friday.
paul and i hung out, as best sibsters often do.
(sibsters=siblings+wannabe/anti-hipsters=the coolest people on the planet)
we were going to go on  photosafari, 
but alas, i still don't know of cool places in provo
and it might just as well be the death of me.
so instead we went and got costco pizza, 
i got some memory for my compy.
we went to the animal shelter and swooned over some adorable dogs.
and finally got one of the best hot chocolates i've had at a gas station. 

later i got my roommates and our favorite friends (Ty/Nelson/Taylor+1) and went tumbling!!
but first Ty got us all excited to go...
oh i love me some gymnastics time.
then we saw In Time at the dollar store. 
you know the one with justin timberlake?
it's worth it.
despite my still unfished photography assignment, i'd say it was sucessful day.

i mean, i sure smiled pretty.