yerp, i'll keep them.

yerp, i'll keep them.
one thing that is no beuno about curly hair is that when i decided to let it exist in it's natural habitat it shrinks 4 inches.
i want looooong lucious hair please.

okay so mems how i wrote that super upbeat post the other day?
well the next day i wasn't very good at staying upbeat
and for some reason it was such a freaking hard day!
what i did remember is that driving is theraputic, 
and i was glad i had my brothers car to go for a little drive through the neighborhoods around here
i ended up driving up to an area i spent a lot of time at this time last year.
it made me miss that person alot. 
i creepily parked by his old house
and for the first time in about 7 months,

i wrote a poem.

it felt good
like real good

But what felt better was visiting my family.
i hate to break it to y'all but my family rocks so much harder than yours.
after making house calls to these ballers, 
i was out of my rut.
i have three older brothres, two are married, and one is engaged to a wicked sweet girl.
the age gap between the oldest (zac) and the youngest (me) is only 5 years.

it's way awesome cause now we're basically all best friends.

but seriously.
the only thing that got me out of my sad mood yesterday 
was hanging out with Paul and Katherine and their new puppy Svetlana.

i'm so grateful that i live close to my family, 
and that we've got eachothers back.
thanks fam.
i think i'll keep them.

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