what a really really good day looks like.

what a really really good day looks like.
saturday was so delightful!
First off, my brother got engaged to the loverly Rachel
I am really excited, i super love her. she fits in the family like a ring on a finger (heh heh..get it? okay i know, terribly lame joke)
i got to creep and take a picture of the engagement 
he's so romaaaantic.
side note(literally): my brother zac told me today that i had to get married 
when i was 22 cause thats he was, Paul was, and Andy will be.
thats good to hear, 
now i have an excuse beyond apathy for not dating right now. 
After that wonderocity, i went a Matt Costa concert, 
and guess who made friends while there?
i like new friends.
a lot.
i also like Matt Costa, a super ton.
this month has been one of my favorite. 
I've finally gotten to a point in my life where i'm 
just plain old happy. 
and that is a wonderful, wonderful feeling.

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