clickity snap.

clickity snap.
Lately sunday has involved a lot of picture taking, cause either my buddy christina or myself procrastinates our photo homework.
Today we were helping christina with her self portrait. she set up and allie and i took turns snapping and reflecting.
on the right we have allie's "i hate sunday's" face.
and her "i love emma" face
and emma's "i promise to try and look pretty tomorrow, i swear" face
and finally Christinas "I'm the coolest native american you ever did meet" face
Today was nice. Midterms are over, and i got a 97% on one of them, so i'm pretty happy.
What's extra exciting, is the fact that my birthday is this week.

a. real. birthday.
that right, i get one!
i'm soops excited.
i promise i will blog at lot more this week!
and if not, you can scold me senseless :)

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