Meet Kristen!!!

Meet Kristen!!!
she's awesome.
She blogs over at Confessions of a Graphic Design Student
and she's my very first guest poster!
I think it's quite fitting, 'cause i secretly view her as
 my blogworld big sister.

her blog is so great, and there are like 5 tutorials she's posted that are at the top of my to do list
including this way cool vintage poster one!
I wanted her to introduce herself to all y'all so i had her finish some sentences

I love... my husband and our 2 mini furbabies!
 Right now I want... FOOD! (I'm cooking dinner with my laptop in the kitchen-hah)
I feel like... I need a nap.
I hate it when... I get stuck with the dishes.
I fear... something really bad will happen to Josh.
I'm lonely without... my mom and sister who live 2,000 miles away!
I need... an ice cold Coke (5 mins later- hubby arrives home with said drink- which is why I mentioned I love him :)
 I just... want to get my life in order!
 I want to meet... other bloggers!
I'm hungry for... this Steak Gorgonzola dinner I'm whipping up (it's Stouffer's)
I love it when... there's no traffic and I can speed as I please!
I'm afraid of... getting pregnant. And spiders... *shivers*
I'm listening to... Karate by Kennedy
 I'm wearing... Hollister zippy, black shirt, pink VS pants, and imitation UGG boots (I don't match)
I wish I was in... Connecticut!!!
I'm craving... these Trolli Apple O's Josh just picked up for me... dessert while I watch Dexter tonight? Score.
I want to get... a really nice camera so I can be cool like Emma ;)
I can... legit rap.
I can't... hate anyone.
 I have... a coddling obsession with my dogs.
I haven't... skydived. And I probably never will after watching Extreme Vacations Sunday night.
 I'm nervous to... take risks.
My Mom thinks I'm... smart with the computer- she thinks I can do anything!
My Dad thinks I'm... still his little slugger.
I'm happy when... old friends call and say hi, even though I suck at returning the favor.
I'm sad when... I feel left out or forgotten.
I like eating... at the Cheesecake Factory- their Chicken Madeira will change your LIFE!
I hate eating... In 'n Out, only because Josh plays it out. 
I love watching... TV series! Latest obsessions: Mad Men, True Blood, Modern Family, Dexter
I love listening to... my rockin' Pandora station! I always hear something new and underground- makes me feel all hipster-like.
 I like playing... online games. I'm a recovering Farm Town / Sorority Life addict.
I hate waking up to... a clock that says I need to get out of bed.
I can see... clearly now the rain is gone :)
I'm glad that... I was able to swap guest posts with Emma!
 I'm disappointed that... companies think $8/hour is a good offer for a management position.
 I look like... I could use a day at the spa.

So Kristen is freaking awesome.
seriously, and SO kind.
get to know her,
you won't regret it.

and while your over at her blog, check out my tutorial on how
i made this nifty box!