wednesday smiles pretty.

wednesday smiles pretty.
today i walked outside and Sarah brought to my attention that it smelt just like spring.
do you understand how wonderful of a smell that is?
right after i got a whaff of that, i smelt my favorite smell in the world... laundry.

then i knew it was going to be a wonderful day.

things that make me smile pretty:

here are some pictures from my most recent photography assignment for color theory. i decided the easiest and more natural way for my to depict color was through paint. so i did... on these girls faces.

(please ignore the frizzy hair, no make up, and the cut off wildlife tee, i swear i'm classy sometimes)

sorry for my blog absence, i have midterms to take this week. i have two left.
tests seem to stress me out more lately, probably cause i have less of them and then BAM all at once.

anyway, i might be a little MIA the next couple days. I swear to love you tender with pretty pictures and awesome adventures in the near future...

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