why today was the best ever.

why today was the best ever.
first off. I finally got to celebrate my birthday. 

ON my birthday.

Here's what i did:
prepare for picture overload.
i was on the cover of the Daily Universe, our campus paper!
allie made her delicious french toast for me when i got up. This was right after an alarm investigation started the day off with some giggles. sorry i look real gross, my eye make up didn't come off very well in my quickie shower last night.
My graphic design class ordered pizza to celebrate!

awww yeah! i love that people get to be as excited about leap day as me!
then i had second breakfast at work! SO GOOD
even papyrus couldn't ruin my day!
went to dinner with roommates and family :)
they are so cute!!
paul was a vegetarian a few months ago...i'm not joking...
the siblings! minus andy.

paul specifically tried to look fat in every picture
on the texas roadhouse birthday sadle!
the group!
my sister-in-law Katelyn made me this awesome tutu for my birthday. i've been wanting one FOREVER. this was so great.

Mel made me a cake!
i love the awkwardness of this picture.

my mom posted a bunch of baby pictures on facebook. PLEASE READ WILLIS'S COMMENT. thats my grandpa. he is 93 and wrote that on his ipad. i died laughing and beamed with pride.

someday i want to be famous enough that I get the google doodle for leap day.

my best friend kassie is the sweetest ever and spent three hours making the background for my birthday picture!

honestly this was by best birthday ever. I have never before felt so loved and special. 
I am so happy i got to spend it with the people who i love, and who apparently love me back!
I love having a leap year birthday, especially if my real birthdays are this great.

thanks again to everyone who wished me a happy birthday 
or who has helped me to be the person i am today.

here's to four years of growing up.
Here's to four years of being five.