allie brown {t0t3$ h@p$ birth$}

allie brown {t0t3$ h@p$ birth$}
this week we celebrate this lovely.
she's the apartment mom, my best friend, and my roommate. She hasn't been on the blog lately, so here is an overload of our celebration for her, in our favorite way... foooooood :)

on thursday all us roommates went shopping and got pfchangs.

When Allie and i were restocking on make up/getting ours done by the two coolest girls ever, they actually got allie to wear lipstick! WHAT?!?!

the next day we made allie breakfast--NOM NOM, later Sarah and i roasted peeps, and added some nutella.

then we embarked on a Jdawg adventures (which we tried to convince aaron and stephen to accompany us to).

next up, we've got quotes galore from our night out!

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