sunday funday

sunday funday
Today was literally a Sunday.
So i joined my next door neighbors for a walk to the park :) 
we had some fun embracing our inner child--something i do on the daily.
okay this picture above is a total creep shot. i just thought it was hilarious how much girls melt at a cute boy playing guitar. The odds were ever in his favor.

'twas a grand time and a happy sunday :)

quotes from the last few weeks:

"i did not account for the slant! So much pee! SO MUCH PEE!"

"Any time you're sad, just think of a t-rex trying to put a hat on. or a t-rex trying to putting a hat on someone else"
-Allie (After Melissa tried to show me)

"when life give you nanners, just say nuyeh nuyeh nah nah nah and make nanner bread"

Christina: WHY THE COLD?!?!
Allie: Jesuuuuuuus! Listen up!
(he did!)

"Abraham Lincoln just told me to put myself in the friend zone?"