hello sunday, meet my lens

hello sunday, meet my lens
Today I helped Christina with her photography project and i can't wait to see how it turns out. when i put the skull in front of my head i just about hipster overdosed. 

anyways I finally got around to getting some quotes up. As i was typing them i realized how mean we sound to eachother. please note that any rude comment is all in jest. 

"No! I don't want twinkle fingers"

Allie: I think I told you that story?

Allie: OH my favorite

Mel: What an I doing? I'm going to be on a wedding soon!

Allie: Mel....*pause* You're fat.
Emma:So you can suck it
Sarah: In....

Mel: Did you know that if you get a 3.9 GPA you get to go 
to a really great banquet with super good food?
I should be there!!
Allie: Lalalala you're a dirty tramp!

"I was so close to drowning right then"
"Did anybody know what she just said no body knows 
what she just said nobody knows what I just said"

Allie: sorry Mel I just want to down you a bunch . 
Mel: it's okay I like it

"It's really hard to fart on these jeans"

"We should just light candles in our room, we should light our room on fire."
- Unknown (aka I forgot to write it down)

"What're you wearing for the wedding?an extra layer of fat?  A little cellulose tissue..ohmygoshimsuchanerd"-Allie

Emma: I don't know how to tell you this, but someone just told me I was the prettiest in the apartment.
Mel: but your not...*a few seconds* OH thats not what I meant!