change is here, and i can taste it... it's delicious.

change is here, and i can taste it... it's delicious.

headband: cherry lane boutique // pearls&top: thrifted // belt:f21 // skirt: banana repulic // shoes: nordstrom

 After two years of being in the same ward. and one full year of living together, it's Allie's and I last sunday together. Though i love her dearly i'm psyched to see/stalk her adventures in the future. We're both quite excited about living the next couple months out of suitcases. 

we ventured to a business park for these pictures, if i were ever a busisnesswoman i would never settle for anything less than working in jamestown square, thats the name of this little beauty. Everything about this place screams classy, well except for the us two ladies making animal noises and other strange grunts and screams to activate my audio-sensor-shutter thinggy. I downloaded this thing where instead of a timer, i can clap or yell and if it's loud enough for my camera to hear, the shutter releases. we may or may not have forgotten that after we make said noise, we should make our faces look cute before said shutter snaps. But alas memsing to be cute is not our specialty.

I also made Allie a blog on this day. She's going to be living all over the place for basically the rest of the year ( you know, just places like zions, colorado, provo, texas, oh and then russia). because she's my best friend so i have to do stuff like that for free, and i know i need to have means to stalk her. once she posts actual stuffz i'll shoot y'all the link and you can stalk alongside me.

This weekend we also had super intense adventures. We decided to use Allie's waxing kit to wax our legs, but there was a wax spillage and a couple trips to Sally's to get supplies. Said trips included myself driving with one leg propped up trying not to get my sticky wax infested legs on her car. a few headaches later and painful swipes, my legs are hair free. hollaaa.

I think it's time for some quotes from people in my life.

Onward sassy cheeks!

Me: Hey can I use your deodorant?

:Yeah it's on my nightstand next to the bell that says ring for sex

Becca: I heard that Guys don't like tiny girls 
cause they're like pants without pockets. 
You don't know where to put your hands
Me:  But they don't like girls that are too curvy, 
those are like cargo pants. 
There are way to many pockets-- 
Way too many places to put your hands

Your very Caucasianly gifted

Me: oh that boy was cute...

Allie: OH look! A deer! LLAMA!

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