wow. Today was draining. i feel like the city could be explored for years and i still would find new things. We did the tour of the city. the double-decker buses and all. It was a highly touristy day for us and i am kinda grateful because then it will help us get pretty acquainted with the city. We went to Oxford Crossing after supper and i about went crazy. so much shopping. so many places i want to live in. I now want to become incredibly wealthy an live in London for the rest of my life. I think it's pretty doable...

a funny thing happened today, it was on the tube. there were a loud group of middle class brits riding the same line as us. As we walked to the way out i couldn't help hearing the men behind me...

"I'm telling you thats disporprotional!"
"I disagree"

Then they got on the escalator directly behind me, Out of my peripheral i noticed they were looking at me. I pretended i couldn't hear them

"Not the top half, from here down"
"I still disagree"
"Have you ever seen as ass like that?"

welp. i suppose i can take that as a complement? 

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