I'm here. I'm in London.

I'm here. I'm in London.
 Even as I type it i find it hard to believe. I haven't really slept at all the past couple days, I'm trying to put it off to get over my jet-lag faster. As soon as i finish this post i'm going to become real good friends with the bed behind me. It seems really nice and friendly I think we'll get along splendidly.

So this is what today looked like:
first things first, I'm not even sure what day it is because my internal clock is so out of wack right now.

Anyways... the plane ride: surprisingly not as bad as i thought it would be. I was absolutely dreading a long period of time with very limited space to move and the task of sleeping to even get the slightest leg up on the jet-lag monster. The two flights i had were quick and mostly painless

We got to London, dropped out bags off and explored. 
I've officially got a mad case of wanderlust.

The architecture here is breathtaking. I feel like i'm in a completely different world. I'm so intrigued with the culture shock i'm starting to notice after just one day. 

Jessy and I have a goal that on our last day in London, we want to be able to pass as natives. we will be practicing our accents under our breath until then. We became tube experts and made it to Leicester Square for Lunch, Then we checked into our dorms and went to Trafalgar Square for some afternoon exploring.

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