lets be serious for a moment... or not.

lets be serious for a moment... or not.
just a couple of best friends, being goobers and being glamorous.  Yesterday, we went to the temple, then ate some zupas and then had our share of goodies at The Chocolate, a delicious dessert joint made for hormone crazed women like us. I highly recommend y'all get best friends like i do they are great.

Emma :: shirt: gap // belt: f21 // skirt: thrifted// shoes: sperry's // watch: bookstore // rings: etsy

Allie :: blazer: uo // tank & bracelets: f21 // belt: j.crew // skirt: target //  shoes: forever young

unfortunately, today i was supposed to meet with a professor about my portfolio. oh wait that was tuesday and i'm the idiot who thinks tuesday and thursday are interchangeable... 


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