london markets

london markets
A lot of you asked where the Harry Potter Studio Tour was, the studio is located in Leavesden, a city just outside of london. if you're ever in this area of the world i highly recommend it.
Today was another fun day. We went to Portabello Market. It was a good experience but there was just soooo many people. i was just overstimulated and felt rushed. so i didn't actually buy anything. though i did get a free sample of some wonderful smelling incense--which then crushed in my purse.

Afterwards we finally concluded our small scavenger hunt to find Primark. It was a madhouse, and yet i didn't learn escape empty handed. Good deals my friends...

anywho. our little groupling decided that we like the Spitalfields market better. There were  though by the time we were there we were pretty worn out. We did however sit and have lunch/dinner. I do love me some good conversation. and we had exactly that. I am ever so grateful for the friends I've made on this study abroad, definitely the kind of company i hoped to be surrounded by during this experience. 

 Thanks London for being so great.

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