monday adventures

monday adventures

holy, wow. today was just wow. I had design class in the morning and am currently trying to find a project to work on, it's slightly stressful, mildy exciting, incredibly nervewracking.

anways after class we went to a small museum called the Courtauld. absolutely incredible. It was pretty small compared to the other places i've been moseying around. but this had pieces from artists that everyone knows. Today I saw pieces from Degas, Monet, Matisse, Rembrant, Cezanne, Renoir, and Picasso! I even saw some of Leonardo Davinci's sketches!

FHE tonight was in Westminster Abbey, we toured it then attended Evening Song. What an experience! I know it's like a big deal and all that, but i got a little bit of the creeps while inside and i'm not sure if thats a blasphemous statement or not.. The building was just SO BIG. like the ceilings were just so incredibly tall and grandiose and the tour was just basically telling me who was buried on my left, right, and beneath me, then all i could picture was bones.. everywhere. Now if they were all Mummified it'd be a different story...
The coolest part though was recognizing names of people buried there. there were some many important people buried in one place. For instance, ones i can remember include: Oliver Cromwell, Charles Darwin, Issac Newton, Winston Churchhill, Elizabeth II and Mary of Scots, Chaucer,  and monarch after countless monarch. It was also cool to be in the very spot that every monarch is/was crowned and all that jazz.

anyways after that we finally ate some fish n' chips. it was pretty good! it was some good company as well, perhaps that's just what makes all the difference :)


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