mummies and umbridge

mummies and umbridge
holy balls. I have never done this many things in so short of a time. It's so strange to think i've only been here three days. Today was as busy as ever. It started with breakfast in the cafeteria... which unfortunately looks like it's going to be the same thing everyday...

Anywho we went to the British museum! There was so much to be seen, nevermind trying to do it in one day. We visited the egyptian section of course. My mom will vouch for my never ending love of mummies (in elementary school one of my favorite books was all about mummies). I GOT TO SEE THEM IN REAL LIFE. now you get to see them in picture life. We also visited the roman area, and some really cool victorian era stuff. I'm really not sure of all we saw. but i will be going back, thats definitely a given. Oh yeah! i saw the rosetta stone too! (speaking of which, allie i hope you're learning your russian!)

Jessy and I met up with the group and a couple of people were going to see sweeny todd. So we decided to go with them. What a day! After we went to buy our tickets we meandered from Leicester Square towards the great shopping to be had at oxford and regent. we found a couple bookstores on the way and OH MY HEAVENS. there was one shop with all these design and photography books. I about pooped my pants. i wanted it all. (mom, in case you're wondering the books i fell most in love with here this. and this. feel free to purchase them for me in a time of deep longing for me) 

after a long day of shopping and coveting everything i saw in every dang store, we finally sat down for some hot chocolate and then saw sweeny todd.

It was twisted, it was dark. was incredible. did you know that the female lead role also played doloros umbridge? she's a great actress.

anywho. that was my day my dears. 
I sleep now. I have class in the morning! 

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