please never make me leave.

please never make me leave.
Today we went to the Tate Britain Museum in the morning. It was quite interesting. I mostly took pictures of the more modern things because that tends to be the kind that evokes the most emotion for me. But the museum was cool cause it had some of both contemporary and older. It make me get more creative with my photos and hope to become more creative with other outlets of my creative process. Sometimes it's just really great to absorb. I felt like this museum was a great place to absorb and get ideas.
(also to shamefully take pictures of myself)
I can't wait to go to the Tate Modern now, cause this was pretty good!

I have a lot of things to do, classes are starting to pick up and I just need to CREATE. 

anyways after the museum i had my graphic design classes then went and saw Wicked! It was SO good. I had never seen it before and it was so wonderful. I am definitely a sucker for a good musical

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