get versaillesited

get versaillesited
Today we went to the Palace of Versailles. We had a lot of fun in the huge line that formed to go through security. Acting like i'm 14 again sometimes brings me great pleasure, so we goofed off a lot and tried to pickpocket people in our group.
The palace  was ridiculous in so many aspects: beautiful, crowded, opulent, overdone, huge. The amount of asian tourists there may have put me over the top. I get it, it's versailles. there are bound to be tourists, but did they not learn how to be patient? and did they take a picture of every room in the palace? Do you really need to squat that low of the photo? did they ever look at the palace through their naked eye as opposed to the LCD screen? I JUST DON'T KNOW. I can't handle it. if one more asian lady pushes me through a palace....
sorry, getting sidetracked... we also rented bikes for an hour and had such a great time going through the grounds and adventuring to different areas. It was really quite wonderful!

Anyways, after that we went to the Eiffel tower and went to the top. It was really neat and i'm glad we did it despite the insanely long staircases we took to get there. It was worth the view and the experience.

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