no sympathy allowed

no sympathy allowed
upon our arrival in bath today, we found a park and were playing around. Of course that meant i was going to do some gymnastics. so i did some cartwheels, backhandsprings, handstands, learned some yoga, and Bri asked me to teach her an ariel!
I started to teach her and she was doing pretty well. I kept demonstraing what it looks like and decided to  film myself doing one so i could slow it down and show her play by play. of course that meant that as soon as the camera came out so did clutzy emma... I totally twisted my ankle. probably sprained it. of course. luckily i've got a pretty good pain tolerance and it really doesn't hurt to bad. So i'll just walk it off and enjoy the kankle.

oh also because i finally broke out my neon shoes when jessy was taking pictures i aked her to not get my shoes... of course that was like an invitation for her to take a thousand shots without my knowledge.  but now that means i've got a before and after of the dreaded foot.

please don't feel sorry for me. i'm not in pain and i actually find a lot of humor in my ability to hurt myself on not difficult things.

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