so this is what they mean by picture perfect

so this is what they mean by picture perfect
i have died and gone to heaven. I never want to leave this place. Every time i turn my head, there is another scene, another rolling hill, another perfect building, another sheep. I can't handle how much i love it in this place. My heart will forever belong on the english countryside. I don't think it will ever leave.

It's hard to grasp the reality that i am actually here. that i am actually seeing these things with my own eyes rather than simply through photos. I took pictures of everything because i never wanted to forget these moments.  I saw stonehenge today, that was awesome, then we went to stourhead.

stourhead. wow. this is incredible. We watched pride and prejudice (the keira knightly version) on the ride there which was incredible because as we looked out the bus windows the scenery just blended in with the movie, and rightfully so because the scene where darcy tells elizabeth he loves her was filmed on the stourhead estate.  oh and mr. bingleys house too. noooo big deal.

folks, this was real life. but i sure didn't feel like it...

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