swans vs. pigeons

swans vs. pigeons
dress & cardi: H&M // belt: f21 // leggings: target // boots: walk (store on oxford st here in london)
swans win hands down. much prettier and their weird necks are fascinating to watch.

I realized i haven't really posted my outfits, and so i think i might try and remember to do that a bit more. but no promises...

Today was wonderful. we went to the singles ward here and they were having their testimony meeting. it was really wonderful to hear the members here. most of them are converts to the LDS church and it seems to me that they had to go through many more sacrifices to be a part of this church than i did. it really gets me thinking. They were so genuine and tremendous that i just loved being there and listening to them.
Afterwards we checked out the design exhibit in the V&A then walked around Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park.  

and that is my last day in london.

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