this one is for you ben

this one is for you ben
 I'm in love with this city. I'm impressed with the infrastructure. bikes are everywhere and th roads are made to accommodate them, it's just a very well planned out city. 

other thoughts Amsterdam:
so how come no body warned me that Amsterdam had so many attractive males here? if you knew that and didn't tell me, you're in big trouble. I've been drooling all day.

we went to church here and the talks were all translated for us, and i'm consistently impressesed with the Lords ability to tell me exactly what a need to hear, regardless of my geographic location. 

After church the road we drove down by had lots of Coffee Shops. If you aren't familiar with Amsterdam, marijuana is legalized here (oh an prostitution here), and when this is where you can get high. smelt like highschool all over again.
Today we were working on your graphic design homework in the Hostel Cafeteria. It's right by the bar in the hostel. This guy came in with some frients completely confused and completely drunk wondering what the heck was happening. After discovering that we were fellow Americans, he sat down to talk. then he found out we were mormons, he proceeded to ask us about our "invisible fireproof underwear". Emily told him we don't get it til we're Jedi's, he was satisfied and politely excused himself to go get wasted. invisible fireproof underwear? thats a new one.

 we went to the Anne Frank Museum today. I got to see where she was hiding during the two years prior to her arrest. It was really moving and I wish they had allowed photography. 

my blogger account is in dutch because i'm here, i didn't realize how well i knew blogger until i realized i don't need to read anything to get things done on here...

dress: USC in Scotland // bag: Primark // rings: Etsy // bruising on cankle: by yours truly
despite the few sketchy things, I have found that i really really love Amsterdam. It's quite beautiful, the people are nice. The city is very well designed, in most facets of life. It's cool to see random and well done pieces of art throughout the city.

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