happy camper.

happy camper.
Earlier this week i went camping with my parents and best friend. We had so much fun! My dad just finished this project involving a trailer he's had for years, he converted it into the ultimate camping accessory. He added a new floor, and made some sort of platform so that they could sleep in it and store things underneath, and then all sorts of pockets and storage places everywhere else. They were really excited to use it, I was excited to get some time to enjoy Northwestern beauty. I wish i had taken pictures on the drive there but alas, i was being a good driver and not getting too distracted...
Anywho, while we were up there we went to this SAWEET natural waterslide. we wore garbage bag skirts and slide down into a real good time. I put lots of pictures from that hike/adventure on instagram and if you don't know what i'm talking about i highly suggest you mosey on over to instagram and check out my pictures from that day (@smilemepretty). I would go again in a heartbeat.

I have about one more week before i head back up to school, and i'm both excited and disappointed to be leaving spokane so quickly.

i should shower now.

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