it's like i think i'm cool or something...

it's like i think i'm cool or something...

shirt: thrifted // necklace: mom's closet // skirt: anthro // shoes: London rebel (bought in York)
i'm smitten with this skirt, I got it last week, and i just knew it would look good with my new shoes. I hope i was right. Also in terms of fashion, I looked in my closet, of things i packed for this visit home, and they are nearly all collared shirts. I am just definitely digging them right now. don't expect that to leave any time soon.

Once upon a time i sprained my ankle A MONTH AGO. don't you think my ankles would be equal sizes by now??! but alas. there is nothing i can say to pacify it. It's out to get me. I swear it is.

dear friends, readers, and stalkers. I have been learning how to drive a stick shift this week. combine that with being a female driver and you've got something that just isn't really supposed to go together. But alas. my car is a stick, and therefore i must learn how to work the silly machine. I'm getting better though!

and finally. I wanted to vlog, but you'll find that i got slightly awkward in front of the camera. BUT i will be attempting it again, most likely with a friend!

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