my best friend is better than your anything.

my best friend is better than your anything.
So Allie is no longer doing the whole Russia thing, which means she's going to be in Provo, killing herself schoolwise but nonetheless in the same country, and city as ME. I'm super happy. Christina took some pictures of us today as we just chatted. It's amazing what the presence of someone like Allie back in my life can do to my mood and day! you're great dear. Cheers to this semester and good luck!
shirt: thrifted // pants: target // shoes: sperry's
 after this little number we went to dinner with my family. I swear we must be italian. Allie said to me that it's like there are 20 converstations and only 8 people the table. It's a lot to handle for the innocent bystander, but i sure love it.

Today was also the first day of class so i guess this is also kinda an outfit post?

I can't wait to tell you about how lucky i am to have the classes i do, but i will wait til i actually get to go to all of them to fill you in.

mmkay have a great one folks!

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