smile me moptop.

smile me moptop.
Yesterday was yet another thrifting adventure with Tonya from The Moptop! We had such a fun time, as usual. I've noticed that as i've gone thrifting more, i tend to get less everytime i go. This time i only bought a few things, but i took pictures of them so you'll be able to enjoy them too!
shirt: UO // pants: f21 // shoes: schuh (a UK brand) // bag: dad made // bracelet: niagra falls

That dooney and bourke purse was such a find. I literally said to tonya 2 seconds before she spotted it "My goal someday is to find a dooney and bourke purse at a thrift store, i know two people who've done it... IT CAN BE DONE." and alas. it was! score right?
anyway, we made something else for you but it is still in the works so for now, just enjoy these pictures :)

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