thrifted and theft-ed

thrifted and theft-ed
Today I got a lot of compliments on Christinas shirt. thats when i started to look at what i wore for the day, realized most of my stuff was either thrifted or theft-ed from a roommate. this is why i like college.

Today I geeked it up in front of the camera, so like every day... I'm not good at this whole fashion blogger thing. so lets not call me a fashion blogger, lets call me a wanna-be-cool-art-student blogger. we'll just go with that. emphasis on the wanna be cool.

shirt: theft-ed // bracelets: thrifted and theft-ed // shoes: thrifted

things that are happening right now:
My toes are a little in pain because these cute shoes gave me blisters, which is a bummer because they are one of my favorite pairs and never have before.
Christina is shopping my closet and talking to herself. or me... i can never be too sure which.
I have a must blog then sleep attitude.
I am mildly happy i have a 8 am class tomorrow so i can justify sleeping over cleaning.