meet the parents...just kidding.

meet the parents...just kidding.
how bout meet the siblings. I developed my first roll on my Yashica Camera, but there was a light leak in the darkroom so it's sooo grainy. then the scanner was being a dumb-bum so the pictures didn't turn out in the best quality that they could have, but it's weird how much i like them now...

anyways i took my Yashica to family dinner and made sure to get one frame of each couple. I was happy with them because they kinda embody each couple perfectly...

go life!

first may i present Andy and Rachel? not ready you say? too bad i'm going to introduce you anyway. These two are just a bunch of goobers. Andy is an engineer student and Rachel is and illustration student. He's the right amount of awkward and she's the perfect combination of artist and hipster...artster? hipist? i'm still tweaking the terminology. Rachel is a funny person, and she blogs too. i like her face and our mutual interest in loving to eat food.

This right here is Zac and Katelyn, we typically refer to this couple as "Zac-lyn". They are just the cutest. Everyone in our family knows that Zac is the parents favorite (parents love those successful, nerdy, smart kids and our family only got one). he's like the black sheep of our family...because he's so perfect. We're still confused. He's so perfect that he married the sweetest and most adorable girl ever.  anyway, i was kinda mad about this photo when i glanced at the negative, but once i scanned it and looked up close i realized something cool about this! the double exposure is perfect because they look like a ghostly lovey dovey couple. They are the cutest, and still so wonderfully in love.

 And finally, we've got Paul and Katherine. I know what you're thinking... "this is not a couple picture emma, you're an idiot" but hold your tongue! this is in fact the most true couple picture ever. You see, I hang out with this couple the most. yeah i even shamelessly crash their date nights , and they are just so perfect for each other. The one on the ball is my brotha paul. He's a genius (quite litereally) and also has ADHD. He's a true Vidmar in that he loves attention and is very comfotable in the spotlight. Katherine, is super awesome wife kinda rides his coattails to the spotlight too, not all the time but you get my drift? it's like picking your battles, but instead she picks her stages. I super like Katherine, we get along super well. I consider them some of my very best friends.

I really lucked out in the family department. i think i'll keep for like eternity or something. I always think it will be interesting if i ever get married because it'll just change our sibling dynamic no matter who i pick. I'm curious to see how much crazier we'll get. But that's another pondering for another night, and a different stage in my life.

night folks :)