mmm mmm filmmy

mmm mmm filmmy
Sooooo i went to buy film for my new camera, and i decided to get the film from my 35mm scanned. here are a few of the happy results. This is my first roll of film i've ever shot, and i've gotta say, i'm pretty impressed with the results. It's lovely!  I really love film. but man it's bloody expensive! I made a few of these black and white once i got it on my computer but that was mostly because i was fed up with trying to fix the white balance. Please ignore how much of a dumbbum i look like in the photos of me.  gracias. merci. danke.
Fuji 400, 50mm f/1.4

 I get why people pay so much to have a photographer shoot their wedding in film, it costs a million dollars but BOY DOES IT LOOK GOOD.

i promise i have other interests than photography...
now if you'll excuse me i must live up to my inner katy perry, and do some "friday night" activities on thursday. 

good day friends.

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