Today i spent most of the day learning about minimalist sculptures, and trying to unprocrastinate the rest of my life. It was kind of a peaceful day. I am thankful for days at home. especially when they end with nights of socializing.
 There was one thing i wanted to brag about. okay not so much brag, but tell y'all so i can be held accountable. I've started to make a serious effort to eat healthy. It's been ten days of logging my food and controlling my serving sizes and making crazy healthy smoothies, but for the first time in a long time, i'm starting to feel thin. My goal weight is 120 and this week i lost 2 pounds. I don't mind "dieting" if thats what you call it, because i've found ways to eat healthy and still find my food highly appetizing. If i keep this up i should definitely be hitting my goal weight by the end of the semester and if i keep liking the food, there's a good chance i'll keep it off.

so here is where you come in. What are your favorite healthy snacks? quick meals? or overall good suggestions to keep from mindless snacking and such?

y'all are great by the way. i've been getting more comments lately. they are all so positive and help me feel inspired to keep posting, and i can't tell you how giddy it makes me  :)

seepie time now.

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